AmalaJewelry - White Quartz

… it`s more than jewelry.

It`s handmade jewelry that brings Happiness.

The perfect addition to your store!

Handmade by me – Iva

With Love and Positive Energy

sparkles amala

100% natural gemstones – no artificial coloring

gift alama

Each bracelet comes with a beautiful package, a note with the meaning of the stone and sterling silver cleaning wipe.

The metal element on some of the bracelet is a sterling silver 925 bead.

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Free shipping.

The bracelets will be shipped 48hr after placing the order.

Four collections to choose from

Each collection has four styles. In numerology Number 4 is considered to be a positive reflection of Sun.

You can mix and match your choices. Minimum order is 10 pieces. Maximum order is 40 pieces.

The prices you see below are calculated for you and are lower than the prices I sell them for on the market. Tax is included in the prices. When you have the items at your store  you decide how much you sell them for. Tax is included in the prices.

You can order any styles you like and any quantity of each you like.

BONUS: I can plan a display if you`d like. You can send me a snap of the place you are planning to place them so I can plan accordingly. When the bracelets arrive with them you will find the items to decorate the display.  Depending on how many pieces you`ll order I will plan the display and I will send you a picture of if to approve.

For ordering 20+ pieces you`ll get 15% off discount (:




AmalaJewelry - Red Agate

Yin Yang – Red Agate


AmalaJewelry - Aquamarine

Courage – Aquamarine


AmalaJewelry - Tourmaline

Wisdom – Tourmaline


Positivity – White Quartz



AmalaJewelry - Prehnite

Intuition – Phrenite


AmalaJewelry - Mookaite

Creativity – Mookaite


AmalaJewelry - Citrine

Happiness – Citrine


AmalaJewelry - Jasper

Peace – Jasper



AmalaJewelry - howlite, хаулит

Peace – Howlite


Infinity Garnet

Infinity – Garnet


AmalaJewelry - rhodonite

Clarity – Rhodonite


AmalaJewelry - Onyx

Power – Black Onyx



Vibrant – Tiger`s Eye


Moonlight – Moonstone


Pink Quartz

Love – Pink Quartz



Beauty – Garnet




Why people love AmalaJewelry


♥ No more wondering “Is this a natural gemstone?” – Yes, it absolutely is, just as Mother Earth has created it!

♥ All stones are purified in silver water. Silver Water clears away the negative energy from the stones and recharges them.

♥ All bracelets are handmade with love and positive energy.

♥ The metal elements on the bracelets is Sterling Silver 925 Bead. The silver bead preserves the powers of the stones.

♥ Every bracelets comes with a gift (: (Sterling silver cleaning wipe or silver water when wipe is not needed)

A little bit about myself

I am Iva 🙂 Born and raised in Bulgaria. Lived in Chicago until the summer of 2016 and now spreading Amala love around the world from my hometown Velingrad, Bulgaria.

I created AmalaJewelry with a mission: To make a positive change in people`s lives, balancing their emotional and physical health, so they can face everyday with a smile.  AmalaJewelry and the power of the gemstones are my weapons to complete the mission.

Amala in Sanscrit has two meanings:

 – pure – just like the gemstones.

– happy, positive girls that spreads her positive energy – I saw myself in this translation and I believe everyone could be an Amala with the beautiful help of the gemstones.

I love life. I love new opportunities. I love yoga. I love to love.

I hope you fall in love with AmalaJewelry.